The Stream is the Great Ayton Village Magazine that has been produced regularly since 1982, and is issued by the Community Care Association of Great Ayton. There are two issues a year - in Spring & Autumn.

This website will contain some of the articles from the back issues & contains the up-to-date Community Care Association information and the Information Section - see tabs above

Advertisers, Sponsors, Contributors, Christ Church (printing), Scout Group: Hut (collating), Collators, Deliverers, Editorial & Production Teams - each link in the chain is indispensable & highly valued

I send my grateful thanks to all my hard-working, very supportive collaborators whatever their sphere of operation - NEARLY 60 UNPAID VOLUNTEERS

Carol Morgan, Editor

3,000 copies: 1 free to every house in Ayton, Newton, Easby, Battersby Junction, Battersby, Ingleby Greenhow. Extras go to local libraries, churches, the Health Centres, shops etc in Stokesley, Hutton Rudby & all villages visited by the CCA mini-buses, to publicise CCA services.

Why not ADVERTISE with us? £10 for 1 square (£12.50 for a square on the back cover but we have a waiting list for those spaces!) If you are interested, please phone Marian Button, 723014 or Denise Dale, 724142. Also, £2.50 will sponsor a page

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