Personnel - All Volunteers
Carol_Morgan.jpg Carol Morgan Editor (since 1982) ten.klatklat|nagrompdnac#ten.klatklat|nagrompdnac, 22, Wheatlands, Gt Ayton, TS9 6ED, 01642 722897
Marian_Button.jpg Marian Button Print Manager
Denise_Dale.jpg Denise Dale Advertising Manager 01642 724142
Viv_Addy.jpg Viv Addy Assistant to Print manager
Marian_Button.jpg Peggy Friend Main Proof-Reader
Liz_Greenhalgh.jpg Liz Greenhalgh Business Hours Researcher
Martin Davies Final Proof-Reader
Marian_Button.jpg Sylvia Wall Assistant Proof-Reader
Marian_Button.jpg Julia Jewitt Cover Designer
Peter_Morgan.jpg Peter Morgan My Wizard - nothing defeats him - difficulties disappear for my legendary husband
Doug_McLean.jpg Doug McLean Chief Stapler

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