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The Stream was founded, published & funded by The Great Ayton Council of Churches as a Christmas greeting to the village from all 4 Churches,
1969 1st Editor: Mrs Mary Makepeace.
1973 2nd Editor: Mrs Margaret Spark
1976 3rd Editors: Ann & Christopher Stephens.
1982 4th Editor: Mrs Carol Morgan + Assistant Editor Mrs Sylvia Wall
Mrs Wall retired in 2005, having helped to produce 32 issues.
(This year, 2009, she has returned as a proof-reader.)

Production - based on the Spring 2009 magazine
Carol Morgan collected all the articles over many weeks then when the last of them had been received and edited she laid out the magazine, being careful about sensitive issues e.g. not putting amusing articles next to obituaries. Proof-reading, a huge task, went on during the final 2 weeks, with Peggy Friend, Martin Davies and Sylvia Wall all being involved. In the meantime Denise Dale was contacting possible sponsors and laying out their adverts. (One lady in the village has generously sponsored the whole of the Information Section in every issue since March 2004 - 11 issues but wishes to remain anonymous).

The next stage was printing, led by Marian Button. Normally Carol Morgan would have assisted, but she has had a bad leg over the last couple of years, so Viv Addy volunteered. The magazine has 52 pages and thus 13 double-sided sheets are required. In total 39,000 sheets are printed each time. The print run is performed in the room above the church hall, normally the office occupied by Jennifer Roberts, the Church Secretary. The printing started at mid-day Friday March 20th and was completed, in several stages, by Monday March 23rd.

On Wednesday March 25th 6 volunteers met in the afternoon to prepare the Scout Hut for collating, with 6 tables being moved to the Scout Hut from the Parochial Hall, 3 for the Stapling machines, and 3 for the completed Streams to be organised for the delivery rounds - but for the present, to hold the boxes of printed pages being brought from the upper office. In the evening, once the Cubs had used the Hut, 6 more volunteers met to lay out the pages, on 6 trestle tables, so that they would be ready to be collated next morning.

On Thursday March 26th up to 20 volunteers came to collate, staple, fold, box and prepare for delivery. Some started at 9am and went on till all was done by mid-afternoon. Others came and went as they could spare the time. Some collators are also deliverers & were able to take their copies home with them. The remaining three quarters of the 3,000 went to Carol Morgan's home, thanks to help from Edwin & Hilary Brazier, to be passed on to the other deliverers as soon as possible.

Finally, from Friday March 27th the rest of the 33 volunteers started to receive or collect their copies to deliver house-to-house before a deadline of Monday 6th April. David Gorton thinks it so worthwhile that he travels back to Great Ayton especially - he moved down south about 4 years ago but still retains a flat in the village & plans some visits to fit in with delivering Streams.

Once the date for the end of the house-to-house delivery has passed Carol Morgan will begin the wider distribution, taking copies to the CCA, who send them out on their mini-buses to the various surrounding villages, as well as holding some in their Office to hand out as required; others go to the Churches and Libraries in Ayton & Stokesley, Guisborough Library, various shops in Ayton who request them, such as cafes and hairdressers, and, in summer, the Ayton Tourist Information office. She also posts a number to former residents who like to keep in touch, and to helpers such as contacts at the NYMRailway, Esk Valley Railway & Arriva buses, who kindly provide up to date timetable details for the relevant pages in the central Information Section.

The remaining task is to produce a number of A4 copies of The Stream, for those with visual impairment. A copy is placed in Ayton Library, one in Hollygarth, one in the Ayton Day Centre, one in the CCA office, and 2 go to individuals who have requested them. Their production (£10) has been sponsored by Mrs Dulcis Hinton until recently. (If anyone else would care to sponsor their production - please contact the Editor.)

Every time, as soon as the new Stream issue is in circulation, offers of articles and requests for space in the next issue - and ideas for topics the Editor thinks will be of interest - all begin to be listed and collected ……………

Preparation for Collating Volunteers Peter & Carol Morgan, Liz Greenhalgh, Denise Dale, Doug McLean, Viv Addy, Ken & Judy Home, Edwin & Hilary Brazier
Collating, Stapling, Folding, Boxing, Delivery Preparation Volunteers Carol Morgan, Liz Greenhalgh, Denise Dale, Doug McLean, Viv Addy, Judy Home, Cath Small, Peter & Gill Steele, Mike & Margaret Shaw, Ken Skerry, Edwin & Hilary Brazier, Roger Arkell, Barbara Barratt, Kay Stevens, Clair Lowes, Barrie Land & more!

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